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Google News redesigned: publishers have new options to highlight stories, users have more personalised features

London, 30 September 2011 – Google today launched its revamp of the Google News UK site. The new site includes Editors’ Picks, a feature enabling publishers to highlight special content within Google News; and several new features for users, enabling greater personalization of the site.

Editors’ Picks is a new section of the Google News homepage, displaying original content that publishers have selected as highlights from their publications. Publishers can select long-form investigative features, photo slideshows, interactive maps, charts or other content to engage readers of online news. The new section gives these publishers a place to call out journalism beyond the day’s top stories.

“We’ve been working with partners for some time now to create innovative new ways for them to engage readers of news online,” said Madhav Chinnappa, Google’s Head of News Partnerships in Europe. “Editors’ Picks gives publishers a place to bring together the best of traditional and digital journalism; promoting long-form stories and experimenting with new formats.”

Editors Picks is available on Google News UK immediately. Thus far, The Telegraph, The Guardian, BBC News, Channel 4 News, Metro, The Daily Mirror, and The Independent already have content available, and the product is available for publishers of all stripes to sign up.

Partner quotes:

Marcus Warren, Editor,, said: “Editor’s Picks is a great new outlet for the best of our journalism. We are pleased to showcase what we do in this exciting new way.”

Vicky Taylor, Commissioning Editor New Media, News and Current Affairs, Channel 4, said: “Promoting Channel 4 News on the Google News page opens up our varied content to a wider audience who may not have come across it otherwise.”

Jamie Walters, Executive Director of Digital at Metro said: “We are delighted to be working with Google on this project and are looking forward to making our most interesting content more discoverable for Google News users. Google News is currently a great place to find the latest trending stories and this new feature will enable publishers to highlight content that may not be breaking news, but is hugely engaging nonetheless. It will be good for Google News, good for Metro but most importantly good for the user.”