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Google Checkout announces holiday promotions in the UK

Google and its partners are working to make the holidays even merrier by helping shoppers save time and money and stay organized. Millions have already discovered that Google Checkout makes online shopping faster, more convenient, and more secure by enabling them to shop at tens of thousands of stores across the web using their single Google login. Starting today, these Google Checkout buyers can take advantage of exclusive discounts as they cross items off their holiday shopping list.

Save time and money

This holiday season Google Checkout users will be able to take advantage of a variety of holiday promotions from dozens of different Checkout retailers. Beginning today, a number of Google Checkout stores in the UK are offering exclusive savings of up to £10 for Checkout buyers.

Holiday shoppers can learn more about how to take advantage of these promotions on the new Google Checkout holiday page:

Stay organized

Google Checkout doesn’t just save users time, trouble, and money as they shop online, it also provides them with the tools they need to keep track of their holiday shopping. With their Google Checkout Purchase History, users can access all the information they need – including shipping status and store contact information – in one place, from any computer. And iGoogle users can now keep track of purchases directly on their iGoogle homepage, with the recently launched MyOrders tab on the Google Checkout iGoogle gadget. Learn more about the gadget at

To take advantage of the special Google Checkout holiday offers, visit Or to find stores that accept Google Checkout across the web, search online today with or Google Product Search ( and simply look for the Google Checkout badge.

Happy holidays (and happy shopping) from Google!