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Google Announces Launch of the Google Mini in the UK

LONDON – May 11, 2005 – Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced that the Google Mini, an integrated hardware/software search appliance that delivers search across a company’s intranet or public website, is now available in the United Kingdom and Europe.

“With more web pages, weblogs, corporate information and other content being created, businesses of every size are having difficulty helping their customers and employees quickly find the information they need,” said Roberto Solimene, European Enterprise Director, Google. “Using the new Google Mini, more UK and European small and medium sized businesses can now have Google quality search on their intranet or public website.”

After an installation process that takes only a matter of hours, users can search for information just as they do with Google. Google Mini can search up to 100,000 documents and costs less than 2,000, making it an ideal solution for small and medium sized businesses. Law firms, healthcare organisations, educational institutions, consulting firms, government agencies and other small-to-medium sized businesses in the UK and Europe can now benefit from the Google Mini to access and manage their information.

Businesses in the UK and Europe have already been testing the Google Mini:

“We chose to implement the Google Mini because we knew that it would provide the highest quality search experience and would require minimal IT resources to install and maintain,” said Simon Harper, Applications Development Manager of Warwick Business School.

John Chambers, CEO of Orthoview, stated, “The Google Mini unlocks all of the valuable intellectual property that our employees have created, enabling us to produce new beneficial technologies faster. The Mini also reduces the significant expense of complying with regulatory guidelines by allowing us to quickly find the relevant documents located in multiple repositories across our organisation.”

The Google Mini comes with one year of support, software updates and hardware replacement coverage. It can be purchased online, directly from the Google Store with a credit card, cheque or purchase order. The Mini can be shipped to the UK and all European Union countries. For more information, see

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