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Google Launches Search Appliance in Europe

Morgan Stanley, The British Library and The United Nations Adopt Google’s Enterprise Search Solution

LONDON – October 20, 2004 – Google Inc. today announced the availability of its Google Search Appliance in the U.K and across Europe. The Google Search Appliance is an integrated hardware and software search solution that enables corporations, universities and government agencies to deliver Google-quality search results on their intranets and public websites. This new product enables both customers and employees to find the products and information they need easily and efficiently.

“The Google Search Appliance provides fast, relevant search results for companies’ intranets and websites in up to 28 languages,” said Dave Girouard, general manager of Google’s enterprise business. “European companies can now easily deploy the Google Search Appliance to providethe same reliable search results on their intranets and websites as they expect from Google web search, while minimising the time and management effort required.”

First introduced in 2002, the Google Search Appliance delivers the same relevance and easy-to-use search experience users are accustomed to when using The product is available in three models: the GB-1001, for departments and mid-sized companies; the GB-5005, for dedicated, high-priority search services such as customer-facing websites and company-wide intranet applications; and the GB-8008, for centralised deployments supporting global business units.

Key features of the Google Search Appliance include:

The following European and worldwide organisations are already using the Google Search Appliance for their businesses and seeing results:

Morgan Stanley

“Morgan Stanley has been using the Google Search Appliance for over a year to provide intranet search for more than 25 thousand employees around the world, searching an index of 2.2 million documents from two hundred different intranet web services. Since its introduction, search traffic has increased by a factor of 11 – proof of how incredibly valuable employees have found improved access to the corporate information that Google provides. Google’s expansion into the European market will help global organizations like Morgan Stanley deliver a high quality search experience to employees and customers around the world.”
Benjamin Fried, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley.

The British Library

“Millions of people visit the British Library’s website every year to explore the wealth of material from the Library’s collection, including thousands of images and sound recordings as well as our digitised ‘Treasures in Full’. After evaluating multiple solutions we chose the Google Search Appliance which not only fulfilled all our requirements but was, by far, the least expensive option. From the extremely positive response our pilot received we foresee this new search engine will make our users’ experience even better.”
Nicola Clegg, British Library

The United Nations

“What we liked about the Google Search Appliance was the fact that installation was fully automated and it is ready to use out of the box. Once you plug it into your network it is up and crawling in less than an hour.”
Najah Didi, The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Switzerland)

Other European organisations that have selected the Google Search Appliance include Queens University Belfast, Vebra,, Euromoney Institutional Investor, the National Health Service (NHS) and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Google Search Appliance pricing starts at approximately £19,000, including two years of support and software updates. For more information:

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